The rights and responsibilities of the both parties

 Agreements to Appoint the Director of Food & Beverage Department in the Dongying Hotel Based on mutual-trust, mutual-negotiation and mutual-development, the Dongying Hotel (No. 104 Yanzhou Road, Dongying, Shandong Province) has decided to appoint Mr. x x ( the address ; x x X ) as the director of food and beverage department. The rights […]

Position Competition Methods

 In order to accelerate the course of organizational and enterprise-oriented reform of the hotel, the candidates for other organization positions will be first determined by the leader team, then appointed by the general manager, and supervised by the part committee of the same level. The whole procedure should follow the principle of “being recommended by […]

Organizational Transformation—Rebuilding the Incentive and Controlling System

 At 15-.00 a. m. on March 21, the “’leader team” will determine the appointment list with consideration of the ranking, the assessment result in 2000 and the opinions of employee delegates.  At 8 -.00 a. m. on March 22, the hotel will publicize the appointment decision and all appointed managers will take an oath to […]

Make profit by hiring a cleaning service

When it comes to making profit there is no company that will say no. This might be one of the reasons why you are reading this article as now you are tempted to making profit. However what has struck you is how an expense can turn into profit. You might not be new to this […]

How to decide on the type of Bankruptcy filing?

You realize that you are completely broke and the only option to rescue you from this ordeal is to avail the state bankruptcy option. With recession still persisting and poor economic growth, it is no surprise that, businesses and individuals who were counted in the rich and influential are now in red. They owe a […]

What to look for in an office cleaning service?

Whether you are a small business or a large multinational organization; either ways you do realize the need of your office cleanliness issue. It is an important parameter to look for when it comes to ensuring good hygiene conditions and providing a healthy working environment for your employees. There is no way you can retain […]

The 2 Key Characteristics Of An Effective Bad Credit Loan

Effective bad credit loans guaranteed approval services have some characteristics in common and these are the characteristics you should look for before you sign up for these services if you are to avoid falling victim to identity theft scams. Knowing the features a good bad credit loan service would have also ensures that you get […]

The Awesome Benefits Of Poor Credit Loans

It is possible to get bad credit loans in a safe, quick and hassle free way by looking for professionals who help borrowers find those kinds of loans. There are companies out there that are dedicated to helping people find lenders that best suit their financial needs. These companies usually have a wide network of […]

The Consequences Of Not Paying Back A Bad Credit Loan

People sometimes fail to pay back the loan they got from a bad credit loans guaranteed approval service…mostly because they got a size of loan they could not afford to pay back. As they attempt to pay the loan back it becomes clear that the amount they borrowed is more than they can handle. Payments […]

Online Loans With No Credit Checks: Knowing The Facts

It is important to have realistic goals when you are looking for online loans with no credit check. With low credit ratings, standard financial institutions will not consider giving an individual a loan. When a credit check shows poor scores, then conventional lenders assume that you are a high risk investment who is unlikely to […]